Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Florida Getaway-Day Two

Friday morning, Nicki and I loaded up the boys, minus Micah, and headed to the shark attack capital of the world, New Smyrna Beach. Yes, you read that correctly...THE SHARK ATTACK CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Luckily, the sharks weren't going to be where we were so close to the shore. Whew! 

The last time Eli went to the beach he was 9 months old. There wasn't much he could do at the beach then, but now that wasn't the case at all. He was so excited about seeing the ocean. In fact, this was his first time to see the Atlantic Ocean.

He and Jonah had such a good time playing in the sand and the waves. They ran back and forth from the shore to the ocean, played in the sand, splashed and jumped in the waves, and loved every minute of their time on the beach.

Eli was so intrigued by everything around him that he could hardly look at the camera.

Jonah loving the beach

Best buds

Me and my sweet boy

My two favorite little boys enjoying the ocean with me.

The waves and the rip currents were both pretty strong, so Nicki and I were glad both boys didn't have a problem wearing their life preservers. It gave us both peace of mind and allowed the boys to have more fun without having to worry about them going under so easily.

Eli loved jumping the waves with me.

Nicki and her soon-to-be 5 year old!

While we were there we saw several airplanes and helicopters pass over us. Eli and I stopped what we were doing and waved to them, but I failed to remember that we were at the ocean and some of those waves are pretty powerful...

Luckily, Nicki is just like me and caught what happened on camera. Both of us lost our balance and toppled over. I'm glad I can laugh about all the embarrassing things that happen to me!

We got back to the house, ate a little bit of lunch, and then I put Eli down for his nap. While he was sleeping, Nicki and I left Dan in charge so we could go get some last minute things for Jonah's party the next day. While we were at Wal-Mart a deluge came out of nowhere and trapped us there for about thirty minutes. The power went off in Wal-mart and the rain was pouring down outside. We tried to wait out the storm, but had so much we needed to do at home for the party. We finally made a break for it and only got a little wet making our way to the car. 

When we got home, Dan and the boys were playing and having a great time. Every time it thundered outside, they would all yell, "Thunder!" Eli thought that was pretty fun. Eli and Jonah played so well together the entire week. Jonah is such a wonderful big brother and he shared his toys with Eli and let him follow him around all week. We found them playing in Jonah's room when we got back, so we went to see what they were up to.

Micah didn't want to be away from all the action so he came, too. He is by far the happiest baby I have ever been around. He never ever cries and is always ready to give you a huge smile.

The boys' night ended with several bedtime stories and then it was bedtime for both of them. The next day was going to be very busy for all of us and they needed their energy. We tucked them in, said night-night prayers, and they drifted off to dreamland.

Nicki, Dan, and I spent the rest of the night preparing for Jonah's party the next day. We made tissue paper pom poms, decorated the party favors, iced cupcakes, and made cupcake toppers. We actually managed to go to bed before midnight, so it wasn't bad at all. Plus, we had lots of fun talking and laughing while we were working, so it made the time pass by really quickly. It was lots of fun catching up on old times with my friends :)

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