Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

Lots of changes are happening at our house these days. Here is a rundown of what the workers did last week. 

Monday, July 11th

They started laying brick on the side of the house and in the back around the patio.

The sheetrock crew got started and managed to hang all the sheetrock on the ceilings downstairs.

Look at all that sheetrock! And that's just one pile...
There were at least 4 more this high in other spots of the house!

Tuesday, July 12th

The brick guys continued working on the area around the patio.

Our front door was delivered to the site and they put it in. Now all we have to do is stain it.

Eli found the sand that the brick layers were using and thought it was just great to play in for a little bit.

Wednesday, July 13th

Eli posed in front of the front door. I kind of teared up a little when I realized this was the first of MANY pictures our family will take in front of this door. Can I say again just how thankful we are that this is all happening? God has blessed our family so much and we are forever grateful!

Thursday, July 14th

The sheetrock guy returned and hung all the sheetrock on the walls downstairs. Now we actually have rooms! 

Dining Room 

Looking from the dining room into the foyer area


Kitchen and breakfast area on the right by the windows

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom (tub and vanity)

Laundry Room



Looking from the garage into the mudroom

The brick layers continued working on the back patio area. It seems like it is taking a long time, but they are doing a fabulous job! We are so pleased with all the work.

Living Room

Living Room

Closet under the stairs

Friday, July 15th

The brick layers started on the other side of the house.

The sheetrock crew finished the entire downstairs.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom # 1

There are more pictures of the bedrooms, but they pretty much all look the same. The sheetrock crew will return Monday to begin work on the upstairs. Once they are finished, it's on to floating and taping!

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