Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming with Uncle Clare and Mammy

Last Wednesday we went to Mr. Art's pool and invited Mammy, Uncle Clare and their grandson, Brian, to come join us. Eli was so excited when he saw them arrive! I enjoyed being able to photograph my little guy having a blast with some of his favorite people. 

Eli got out the water guns for everyone and a water gun fight ensued from then until we left. Uncle Clare thought those were just the best things ever invented. He laughed and cackled just like a little kid whenever he squirted someone with his water gun. I think he had more fun than Eli or Brian.

Eli loved it when Uncle Clare swam underwater to get him. He couldn't stop smiling!

Then Eli decided to go for a ride on Uncle Clare's shoulders. Clare made the mistake of going underwater and shaking his head back and forth real fast. Eli thought that was so funny and that's all he wanted Uncle Clare to do after that.

It was another wonderful summer day spent doing one of our favorite things. I'm trying to soak up these days and enjoy them as much as I can because I know they're coming to an end really soon. 

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