Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rex Travels Home

A couple of weeks ago, Eli was looking for his favorite dinosaur, Rex, and couldn't find him anywhere in the house. We both searched high and low, but neither one of us could find him. Then I remembered seeing him stuck in the toy box that Eli has at my mom and dad's house. Uh-oh! Sure enough, I called my parents and they found Rex in the toy box. 

Eli called my parents and well, you know how grandparents are when it comes to a grandbaby wanting something. By the next day, Mom sent me this picture to let me know Rex was on his way home. 

Since my dad works at the post office, Rex made it to our house (well, really Zue-Zue's house because we don't actually have a mailing address right now) super fast. Eli was so excited when we got home and found the package that Zue-Zue had left by the door.

I love how my mom labeled the package. That's so something I would do :)

Eli was SO EXCITED to have his friend back home. He grabbed him and said, "Rex! I missed you!" and gave him a huge hug. I think Rex was happy to be back home, too.

Rex hasn't left Eli's sight since he's been back. Thanks, Grammy and Pop, for mailing him back to us. You made a certain little boy very happy!

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