Saturday, March 2, 2013

4 Year Well Visit

This year for some reason I was so behind in scheduling Eli's yearly well visit. It seemed like every time I scheduled it he would get sick and I would have to call and cancel. Finally it worked out that we were able to make an appointment. It actually worked out really well because I was out of school for Mardi Gras break so I didn't even have to use a sick day. Yay! 

They weighed Eli, measured his height, checked his eyes and ears, and checked his iron and lead levels. Everything was great! Eli's weight was 35 lbs., his height was 41 inches, and his eyes were 20/40. I was a little concerned about his eyes because he did have a harder time reading the eye chart this year than last, but the doctor said that it was perfectly within the range of normal. His eyes should continue to improve as he gets older. The only negative part of this visit was when they checked his blood for iron and lead. He didn't like that at all but he had a good reason! 

The week before this appointment he had to go to the doctor because he had flu-like symptoms. Flu has been rampant at his school this year, so as soon as Eli started showing symptoms I immediately took him in to the doctor. They had to prick his finger to get enough blood to see if he had the flu and it was determined that he was showing early signs of flu. Eli cried throughout the entire blood draw and it broke my heart. I hated to see him hurting. They went ahead and prescribed Tamiflu for him and lots of rest. I took 2 days off from work and after some rest, lots of cuddles from Mommy and Daddy, movies, and some good medicine he seemed to be better. I'm so thankful! 

At his 4 year well visit, the nurse came in to prick his finger and he started to cry. He was so scared that it was going to hurt like it did last week. I held him tightly in my lap and convinced him that it wasn't going to hurt that much. He was very brave and did great! They put a bandaid on his finger and then it was time for us to wait for the doctor. While we waited we played I Spy, read books, and Eli drew on this Magna Doodle. He's getting to be such a great little artist. I love watching him draw people. He drew this little guy and I just had to take a picture of it! 

The doctor came in and gave Eli a clean bill of health. Eli was also relieved to know that he was caught up on all his vaccines and didn't have to worry about anymore shots until Kindergarten! I laughed when Eli wiped his forehead and said "Whew!" I'm so thankful for my healthy little boy. He's growing and developing just like he's supposed to. He's such a treasure to us and I love seeing how he grows and changes over the years! 

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