Thursday, March 14, 2013

Word Bingo

Eli is growing and learning so much this year! Since this is his second year of Pre-K 3 year olds, his teacher has really been working on getting Eli to read. He is showing all the signs of readiness, so she and I both want to capitalize on this moment and move forward since he is showing so much interest. We've been working on the Dolch Pre-Primer sight word list this year at home and he's also working on it at school. So far he knows all his color words, most of his number words, and is starting to sound out CVC words. I'm beyond thrilled! I'm an avid reader and really want Eli to fall in love with reading like I did as a child. 

One of the games I let my school kids play on the iPad at school to practice their reading is Word Bingo. It's a cute little game that's only 99 cents. It uses the Dolch lists and puts them on a Bingo board. You select which Dolch list you want to use, then when you hear the word they say, all you have to do is tap it on the screen. When you have four words in a row, you have BINGO! I started letting Eli play this game and he loved it (especially when we used Daddy's Apple TV and projected it onto our TV screen in the living room). 

I hope my little man continues to enjoy reading as much as he is right now. I can't wait to see how much he learns over the summer months when I can work with him more one-on-one! My goal (if he still shows interest) is to have him reading on his in PreK-4. I'll keep you up to date on his progress!

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