Friday, March 29, 2013

Boy Stuff

Eli and Josh are bonding BIG TIME now and it's so much fun to watch my little guy try so hard to be just like his Daddy. I absolutely love seeing them spend time together doing boy things and think it's cute when Eli tells me I can't join in because it's "boy stuff". (Of course, if I ever have a little girl I'll have someone to do "girl stuff" with, but if we have another boy one day then I guess I'm just out of luck.) This particular day Josh and Eli were putting together our barstools that took THREE MONTHS to come in. (Is it just me or is that a really long time for such a small piece of furniture to come in?) I wasn't allowed to help since I am a girl and "no girls were allowed", but I was cleared to take a couple of pictures of them working. 

The barstools got two thumbs up from my guys! Great job, boys!

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Kailey said...

hopefully i can come to a game with Caleb! - Kailey

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