Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Scott

Early in February we went to a birthday party for Scott, one of Eli's friends at school. Scott's mom, Reve, works with Josh at the bank and we love their family! Scott was having a monster truck themed birthday party and was so excited! Scott and Eli are in the same class at school and love playing together. Scott is such the little country boy and loves nothing more than playing in the woods, riding four wheelers, and hunting. Eli, who doesn't even have a tree in his yard (poor thing!), had a wonderful time playing with Scott in the woods at his birthday party. 

First try at getting a picture-Eli looking...Scott not.

Second try at getting a picture-Scott looking...Eli not.
I give up.

The kids played in the yard for a long time. Reve and the boys live on lots of land out in the country so there was lots of explore. We ate some yummy hot dogs and hamburgers and then it was time to cut the cake! Reve got Scott an Oreo ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and it was so yummy! Scott listened to everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him and then we all dug in!

Even Eli, who rarely eats, ate some of the ice cream cake. He definitely knows what's good!

Before all the guests left, they got a chance to hit the piƱata. Two or three kids were able to hit it with the baseball bat before he fell with a crash to the ground...with all the candy still inside! Scott's brother, Drew, remedied that and started tearing into it and throwing candy everywhere!

Eli filled up a bag full of candy and then we said our good-byes! It was time for a nap! All that exploring wore my little city boy out! Happy Birthday, Scott! We had a great time at your party!

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