Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Lil' Monkey

Lately, Eli has formed quite an attachment to his little monkey, Mo. Mo has been at Eli's side since he was born but until recently Eli never really showed much interest in him. I never really pushed it on him because I kind of wanted it to happen on its own and it finally did. Around Christmas, we were in Eli's room and were straightening and cleaning out toys when Eli found Mo. I told him that I bought Mo for him when he was still in my belly and that Mo had been with him every since. He asked if he played with Mo when he was a baby and I said not really. Eli asked to hold him and Mo has been a vital part of Eli's day ever sincE. Mo rides in the car with us, sleeps with Eli, rides in the Jeep with Eli, and plays with Eli all the time. In fact, I was starting to get worried about something happening to Mo and not being able to repair him so I ordered a back-up Mo just in case :) 

This picture below was taken a couple days after Valentine's Day. One of my students gave me the Valentine sock monkey and I brought it home for Eli. He loved it! Then he found his monkey hat and that prompted him to ask me to take a picture of him with all his monkey friends. I love this picture of my little monkey with all his favorite monkeys :)

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