Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flowers for My Hair

Eli is such a sweetheart. He's reached that stage where he knows that picking flowers for your Mommy is a pretty special thing to do, so anytime we're outside he usually picks a flower for me to wear in my hair. A few weeks ago, Eli picked one for me as soon as we got home. I took this picture and put it on Instagram and Facebook, but I wanted to include it on the blog, too. I love my little boy. He certainly knows how to melt my heart :)

(Oh, and in case you're wondering about his head let me explain. We were outside playing with Maggie one day. Eli was walking around the edge of the pool and slipped. He thought he was going to fall in and threw himself forward instead right into the edge of one of my loungers by the pool. The gash was small, but like all head wounds, bled a lot. It wasn't that deep so we just used butterfly bandages for a few days to help close the wound and put some liquid bandaid on top of it. He'll have a tiny scar but it won't be bad at all. I'm just thankful that he's okay!) 

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