Friday, March 29, 2013

Practicing His Swing

Well, we said we weren't going to do it. We said he was too young this year. We said we'll wait until next year when he's more mature and can focus. We said, we said, we said...Well, we're eating our words now because Eli is officially signed up for Wee Ball. I guess its not going to be the last time things go differently than we plan. It really was our intention this year to hold him out another year before we started doing the ball thing, but our good friend, Dara, called and asked for Eli to be on her team. Her daughter, Molly, is on the team and so is one of his friends from church, Hayden. Eli was very excited when we asked him if he wanted to play and that pretty much sealed the deal. So, not only is Eli playing, but Josh is coaching, and his bank sponsored their team! It really is funny how it all worked out the way it did...

Last week we took him shopping for some baseball cleats and afterwards I snapped this picture and posted it on Instagram. Eli was SO excited! He loved his new cleats so much he wore them out of the store...after running a couple of laps in the store to make sure they made him faster :) Josh explained to him about how he needed to not run on concrete when he had his cleats on or they would wear down faster. Eli was so careful when he got out of the truck and kept asking, "Are my cleats going down now, Mommy? Are they still there?" It really concerned him! 

Well a new pair of cleats warranted a t-ball practice session at home, so that's exactly what my boys did! Eli is getting better and better every time he practices.  

I love this face! HAHA!

Working on his fielding.

At one point, Eli was not putting his hands where they needed to be on the bat, so Josh came up with a good visual to help Eli line up his knuckles before he took a swing. He used a marker and drew a line across his knuckles on both hands. All Eli had to do was make a straight line with his hands and he had it!

Eli and Josh had a great practice. I'm interested to see how Eli's attention span is going to be when he starts playing with other kids, but for now he's doing great. Ball season is going to be lots of fun!

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