Saturday, March 2, 2013

Surprise Party for Sarah!

Our good friends Tammy and Clare, or Mammy and Uncle Clare as Eli calls them, invited several of their closest friends and family to a surprise 30th birthday party for their oldest daughter, Sarah. Tammy and Clare prepared some delicious food and Ms. Vera baked a beautiful cake for Sarah. We all had a great time laughing and celebrating Sarah! She was truly surprised so it was great fun! Here are some pictures from her surprise party. I had to use my iPhone camera because the battery on my digital camera was dead. I didn't realize it before I got to their house though so I was quite bummed. I'm glad I was still able to capture this fun night!

Eli and Mammy

Yummy food!

Sarah's birthday cake complete with 30 roses
made by Mrs. Vera

Sarah with her step-son Trey

Tammy and Clare

The Birthday Girl

Sarah and Eli

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Hope you had a wonderful day! Hope your 30's are some of the best ever!

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