Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eli's First Day of School-August 2011

Before Eli could go to school today, we had to take care of a few last minute details. Mainly, we had to get this shaggy hair cut! Eli has lots of thick blond hair and because it's so thick, it gets really shaggy when it starts to get long. I didn't want him looking shaggy on his first day of school, so we went to the hair salon on Wednesday and got Mrs. Mary to trim it up some.


Eli always does so well when he gets his haircut and this time was no exception. He sat so still and listened when Mrs. Mary asked him to do something. She only cut a a little bit of hair, but he ended up looking like such a big boy! A perfect haircut for the first day of school.


Because he was such a good client during his haircut, Mrs. Mary gave him a special surprise-goofy glasses! Eli LOVED them! He wore them all the way home yesterday. He kept saying he looked like Mr. Potato Head :)

This morning, Thursday, was Eli's first full day of school. He'd gone to bed early the night before so when he woke up around 7 he was ready to go (He definitely gets that from his Daddy....NOT his Momma at all!) After eating a scrambled egg and some raisins for breakfast and drinking some chocolate milk we got him ready for school. He looked so precious in his little uniform! I wanted to do pictures down at the new house just to show the progress of the house at this point in our lives. He's going to remember that house more than he will this tiny rent house we're living in now. Thanks to the girls over at How Does She? I received some really cute printables in my mailbox and I made sure to print out the sign I needed for today. I hope to take a picture of him holding one of these signs on every single first day of school. 

We drove down to the new house only to realize that the sun rises directly across from our house, so we were getting full morning sun. It's beautiful to look at, but it doesn't result in good pictures. Eli did his best though and really tried to smile for me in all these pictures. The only thing I couldn't get him to put down though was his cow flashlight. A couple of times I was ready to throw that cow away because it was preventing him from focusing. Even still, I think I was able to get some good pictures of him on his first day of school :)

 My big boy!

 Smiling big with his friend, Mr. Cow

 Do you think he'd had a enough by this point?

Look at him with his little backpack!

Since today was their first day, the little ones didn't have to be there right at 8 o'clock. We dropped him off around 9 o'clock and the best thing about it was that the craziness of cars being everywhere was gone. This ended up working perfectly because Daddy was able to come with us. Eli got out of the car and was so excited about his new school. He and his Daddy talked about all the fun he was going to have all the way to his classroom door.

When we walked in the room, he immediately found his name on the rug and on the back of his chair. For the first few minutes he played with the Play-Doh at his desk, but by then it was about time for Josh and me to leave. I thought this was going to be the part that I dreaded, but it was a piece of cake. He asked us where we were going and we both said work, then he just went on his merry little way.

His classroom teacher is extremely nice and we already LOVE her! I love how colorful and happy her room is on every single wall. She even made the bathroom area cutesy :)

 His custom handmade nap mat

 His cute little cubby :)

 His itty bitty chair :)

 When Josh and I picked him up today, this is what he looked like...

I think it's safe to say that he had a wonderful day! His teacher said he did great and was so sweet all day long. He even ate! He ate half a hamburger, chips, some beans, and his drink. YAY, ELI!!! From the picture up there, it appears I'm going to have to purchase my weight in stain remover in order to get the stains out of the white uniform polo, but other than that everything about today was wonderful. I can't wait for him to go have fun again tomorrow!

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Penny said...

He's adorable! I love her pretty, cheerful room. :)

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