Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Week of PreK-3 Complete

My precious boy has completed his first full week of PreK-3 and so far he is loving it :) I was worried that after a few days he'd get tired of the whole school thing and we would struggle to get going in the morning, but that hasn't happened at all. His teacher is wonderful and we're glad that he was placed in her class. She is full of energy and keeps them busy all day long, which is good for my little boy, who loves activity of any kind.

My favorite part of the day has to be when I get him in the afternoons after school from my friend, Diane. Her little girls, Hannah and Marlie, are going to the same school. We kind of hoped that Hannah and Eli would get in the same class, but they didn't :( They still get to see each other at recess every day though and now they're riding home together as well. Diane can pick all the kids up before I can even leave my school, so I just meet her when I leave and get Eli. He's always so very happy and ready to tell me about his day. Mostly, the only thing he can remember, without lots of prompting from me, is that he took a nap and got a sucker :) Pretty important thing in an almost 3 year old's life, I guess. It's also the very last thing they do every day, so it's what's fresh on his mind. I'm just thrilled to know he's napping! All that hard work they do must be wearing him out every day! 

After a little prompting and questioning from Momma, he finally will tell me other things he's doing during the day-reading books, playing in centers, playing on the playground, spelling his name, and much more. I can usually guess what he had for lunch from the stains on his shirt :) My washing machine has never worked this hard, and I'm developing a cramp in my right hand from squirting Oxi-Clean and Spray-n-Wash on all his shirts. I'm debating whether to Scotch Guard my child before he leaves my house every day, too :) Too much, you think? Seriously though, WHO picks a white polo shirt for a 3 year old (or soon-to-be) to wear to school??? We'll make it, but I'm pretty sure Santa Claus might be bringing more white polos for Christmas. 

The only slight hiccup in our week was on the day they get out a little early so the teachers can meet and have workshops. Because of this short day, a lot of the kids have to stay in after care until their parents get them. I obviously didn't prepare Eli enough for this because when I got there to pick him up, I was met by the teacher and told that he'd been crying since school let out. When I got there, he had JUST calmed down. My heart broke into a million pieces. She said they were about to call me when I got there :( Poor baby! He saw me and came running to me crying, which of course, made me start crying. Then he said four words that still break my heart all over again...he said, "Momma, I lost you!" I hugged him tightly and told him that he'd never lose me and someone would ALWAYS get him! I think this week will be better because he'll know what to expect, but I still plan to get there as fast as I can on that day!

Overall, he's loving PreK-3, especially nap time :) Josh and I are very happy that he's in a wonderful school learning, making new friends, and having new experiences. We think it's going to be a wonderful year for him! I can't wait to see all the fun things he brings home :)

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