Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

Last week at the Wilson's House was all about painting, painting, and more painting. It was so fun to walk in the house and see what it was going to look like with all the colors on the wall. Here's a rundown of the colors.

Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room/Entryway
Benjamin Moore: Bleeker Beige

Guest Bedroom (Future 2nd Baby Room One Day-whenever that happens!):
Benjamin Moore: Gray Owl

Eli's Room
Benjamin Moore: Yarmouth Blue

Eli's room is the only room that I want to change colors. His blue turned out to be too baby blue for me, so now we're going with a darker blue called Buxton Blue. He is SUPER EXCITED that he has a blue now though!

Another view of the kitchen. Our cabinets are going to be painted using an antique white finish. I can't wait to see what it looks like! The island is going to be stained Dark Walnut (I think). I love the idea of a two-toned kitchen :)

Master Bedroom/Bathroom
Benjamin Moore: Smoke

Laundry Room/Mud-room
Benjamin Moore: White Sands

And this brings us to the exterior paint. My friend, Torri, and I chose a paint color that we absolutely loved on the swatch. It was a beautiful color called Richmond Bisque. I thought it was going to be THE color. Unfortunately, the moment Josh and I drove down our street and saw our house, we both knew it was wrong. That color HAD to go! 

The next day Josh got to work and found a color that looked perfect. I still wanted to see it in person, so I went by the hardware store and picked up three small sample jars of paint so we could paint samples of the siding and then hold them up against the brick to compare. After the hardware store, I took my original color swatch by the house to prove that it wasn't my fault. Whew! Was I ever relieved when I saw that the color on the siding was different than the one I picked out. It was still ugly, but at least it wasn't my fault ;)

Josh painted three pieces of siding and we took them down to the house to make a decision. My decorator of a husband did it again and picked out the perfect color. I'm thinking about renting him out because he's so good at this decorating thing! So without further ado, our new exterior siding color is
Pismo Dunes by Benjamin Moore. He also picked out our trim color. It's called Glacier White by Benjamin Moore.

Here is the siding with one coat of paint on it. SOOO much better!
Way to go, babe :)

I've realized that when you build a house there are always going to be things you have to change. Sometimes it seems like something new everyday. Way back when we were framing our house, we moved the fireplace from where it was on the plans to the exterior wall that leads out onto the patio. When we did that we didn't realize just how much this would encroach on our living space in the living room. A couple of weeks ago after our cabinet guy built our mantle, we discovered that all the living room furniture we bought wasn't going to fit :( Oh dear, back to the furniture store we would have to go...

Saturday we did just that. All three of us traveled to Jackson to go back to Miskelly furniture. We met with our saleslady again and picked out more furniture. Here is what we're getting now :) 

Breakfast table...we kept it the same :)

Eli decided to do the sleep test on the couch and love-seat we purchased. We realized that we wouldn't have room for a couch, love-seat, and a recliner for Josh, so we found a love-seat and couch that have reclining seats. We think they're going to be perfect!

I didn't think my original accent chair went with the new couches so I picked out a new accent chair as well. I actually think this one fits me much better! I love how retro it is :)

While we were there we decided to look at beds for Eli and I found one I liked, so we added it onto the ever growing list. We opted to just get the bed and nightstand though since he already has a chest of drawers he can use.

One reason why we love Miskelly is they are a one-stop shop for everything. They have every piece of furniture you could imagine, a cafe, free wireless, and a carousel for the kids. Eli and Josh had fun going around for one ride.

Looking at all that furniture can kind of get to you...I think Josh had reached his breaking point here :)

Eli though was ready for more! We had a great time together as a family and I can't wait to get all this furniture in our house. I'm so excited about putting our rooms together :) Stay tuned for more updates!


The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE the furniture choices! I think it "fits" the house better than the other. The other seemed more formal. I especially love the accent chair. And Josh's claw in that one picture!

The Poole Family said...

The house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I think all of the huge and gorgeous windows are my FAVORITE part!!!!!! And the double doors on the side of the fireplace... FABULOUS!!!! We are actually doing the cream cabinets with the antique glaze with the dark, stained island, too!! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!! Ahhh, y'all are almost DONE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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