Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

This past week at the new house brought lots of changes and updates. It's all starting to really come together! Our trim/cabinet guy is simply AMAZING! Every time I left the house I was just in awe of his work. Plus, he's a great guy and always made sure that what he was doing was exactly what Josh and I wanted. He had nothing to worry about! We LOVE everything!!

 Mudroom cabinets

 Guest Bathroom cabinets

 My pantry closet

 Island with the corbels (those pretty decorative things)

These corbels just make the island POP!

 Crown moulding and rope trim...LOVE

 View of kitchen from the breakfast area

 Arch trim over the dining room windows

Our workers also installed most of our doors. At one point we were going to go with a different style than this, but after noticing that everything in our house pretty much had a right angle, we went with the traditional six paneled door.

 Eli's room complete with crown moulding and baseboards

 Dining room

Our brick guys finished the steps on the back patio. All they have left to finish now is our mailbox, steps in the mudroom, and one eave of the house. After all this they'll be completely finished! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday our stair parts came in and Thursday our cabinet/trim guy installed them for us. I've got to give credit where credit is due. The ONLY thing I had to do with this was I mentioned that I liked the bars that looked like scrolls. Josh picked everything else out on his own. I tell him all the time that he could do this for a living!

They installed the pretty stainable wood steps on top of the pine ones that were already there.

 This is what you saw when you walked in Friday.

Friday afternoon after school I stopped by to see what they'd done and was amazed at how fast they'd put everything together.

  Mudroom with beadboard inlay in the cubbies

 Cabinet doors finally came in!

 Another picture of the beadboard inlay inside the cubbies

 What you see when you walk in my front door now :)

Our cabinet/trim guy was actually supposed to finish Friday, but our cabinet doors didn't make it until late that day, so he had to extend his stay one day. Saturday morning Eli and I drove by to see what they were working on and once again I fell in love with our house. I'm so ready for it to be finished!

 Fireplace mantle

 Cabinet doors being installed
(This was taken around 10:00)

 Mudroom completely finished
Ready for painting!

Other side of mudroom

 Master bathroom vanity

Our brick guys also were back today to finish the last few things they needed to do. One of those was building our mailbox :)

They also finished bricking the eave of the house.

Eli and I went to the store and when we got back around 11:30 this is what the kitchen looked like. I told you they were fast!

Eli and I took a trip upstairs and for the first time since we started building I wasn't scared to death about him falling and hurting himself. I was so thankful for those stairs and rails!

Our cabinet/trim guys are finished for now. They'll come back after our floors are laid and will install the shoe moulding along the baseboards, but for now they're finished! I cannot say enough great things about their crew. They were AMAZING!! Next up for the Wilson's is painting! HOORAY!! I've got to double check my colors this weekend (a little nervous about that) and then they'll be ready to rock and roll. Until then...

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Santo Badenoch said...

Step by step, you're making your dream home come true. Congrats to you guys! It's really looking great every step of the way and you have momentum on your side.

Can't wait to see the finished product!

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