Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eli's Surprise

Last weekend, Josh and I went out of town to pick out all the lighting fixtures for the new house. Whew! It was quite a long day, but we did it! Woo Hoo! On our way back home, we stopped at Target to see if we could find something for Eli. We normally don't just buy him toys all the time, but I really wanted to find a small Imaginext toy for him to play with since he loved the ones at Jonah's house so much. There were lots to choose from but then Josh spotted something we knew he'd LOVE! We bought it and couldn't wait to get home so he could see it. When we got back in town, we asked Zue-Zue to bring him to the new house to get his surprise. She had graciously offered to keep him for us while we picked out lighting fixtures. We were so thankful because we were able to concentrate and get the job done a lot quicker than if we'd had to chase a 2 year old around. I was ready with the camera as soon as she pulled into our driveway...this is how he reacted :)

He was one VERY HAPPY little boy. We were all very impressed with how quickly he jumped on the bike and just seemed to know what to do. If he's anything like his Daddy and his Uncle Josh those training wheels will be off in no time.

There was only one slight hiccup and that came when one of the pedals fell off. Yeah, we were a little worried, but after doing everything else, Josh realized it had reverse treads and fixed it. Woo Hoo! Eli was right there the entire time helping his Daddy and he was ready to ride again as soon as it was fixed.

Since our rent house isn't that far away, Eli rode his new bike home. Josh jogged next to him and I followed behind him in the car. Zue-Zue drove next to them for a little bit to remind Daddy to make sure he stopped for breaks and that he gave Eli lots of water when they got inside. She was a little worried that Eli's little legs would get tired, but there was no need to worry. I think he would've ridden his bike all night long if we'd given him the chance. 

I'm so glad Eli loved his new surprise. I can't wait to see him get better and better at riding his bike. Just another visible reminder of how big he is getting :) It's bittersweet, but I can't wait to see all the great things that happen. 

*Oh, and the Lightning McQueen t-shirt was a TOTAL coincidence!*
It worked out great though!


Penny said...

I'm impressed, too! Loved his expression when he saw the bike. Leon would love it~ he has the same "Nightning Keen" shirt, too. :) Sue and I really need to get Eli and Leon together next time I get him. Leon is an "only" too and LOVES to play with "fwens." :) He is also a sweetheart, like yours.

The Glenn Gang said...

How precious that you got that on video. I love it! He was so excited. SO SO SO sweet!

Baylee's Mommy said...

That was the sweetest video!!! Eli mastered it from the get go. GOOD JOB Eli.

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