Sunday, December 19, 2010


For Eli's second birthday, Zue-Zue bought him a Melissa and Doug train set. We didn't even give it to Eli the day of his party because he received so much other stuff that day, so we decided to wait until after the party. This ended up being a wise decision because the weekend of his party Grandpa E ordered him a nice wooden table that would allow Eli to play with the train set at the perfect height.

When the table came in, we assembled it, and Zue-Zue brought the train set over for Eli to see. He was very excited! He kept wanting to "help" me design the track, so it took a little longer than I anticipated, but it finally turned out like the picture on the box. I quickly grabbed my camera to snap a picture because I knew that it would NEVER look like this again. Eli LOVED playing with it and I think it's going to be a great toy that will only get better as he grows older. Thanks, Zue-Zue and Grandpa E!

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Penny said...

Wow! Great present! Wish I could give mine things like that, but there are too many of them. lol

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