Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Zue-Zue's House, 2010

Thursday night, December 23rd, we went to Zue-Zue's house to have Christmas with her. Zue-Zue cooked a yummy brisket, mashed potatoes, asparagus and rolls for us. YUM-O! Eli LOVED her potatoes and that's all he decided to eat that night. He was too excited to open his gifts, I guess.

Zue-Zue's tree and all the gifts.
Someone must have been very, very good!

Eli helped me pass out presents again; that's a job he knew how to do very well!

Eli got lots of great gifts. Zue-Zue's goal was to find him toys that he could play with in the bathtub. She and I are so surprised by how there aren't very many bathtub toys anymore. She did managed to find him this magnetic fishing pole and that held his interest for a LONG time!

Josh had a sweater vest/shirt Christmas. He also made sure to smile for me after opening every gift. He loves me :)

He's such a goofball, but he's my goofball ;)

Eli put the fishing pole down long enough to open some more presents.

He got a dump truck that he can use in the dirt pile Zue-Zue made for him in her backyard. He wanted to take it outside and play with it immediately, but we had to convince him to stay in because of it being dark and cold. He wasn't happy, but eventually gave in.

All the grandparents this year got a desk calendar of Eli to use at work. Here's Zue-Zue holding her calendar :)

Eli had to come over and check out the calendar to make sure I did a good job selecting the best pictures.

I was a good girl and got a brown sweater, earrings, boots, cooking stuff, and my Mary Engelbreit calendar. I use her calendar at home and a small desk one at school. I love her artwork!

Zue-Zue also asked Santa for a cast iron Dutch oven. I found this one at World Market and was almost tempted to buy one for myself. I'm just a cooking fiend these days.

Mr. Art and Mrs. Vera dropped a gift off for Eli to open while we were at Zue-Zue's. Hopefully, this will help him learn his ABC's :) Thanks so much for thinking of him!

These are the canisters we gave Sue. I got them from Willow House. I thought they were such a pretty red.

It was a wonderful Christmas with Zue-Zue. We had such a good time being with her and opening gifts together. God has blessed us so much. Like I said before, the best part about Christmas is getting together with your loved ones. I love being able to do that. Thanks, Zue-Zue for all our gifts. We love you!

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