Saturday, December 11, 2010

Library Time with Brody

During Thanksgiving break, Eli and I took a trip to go visit Grammy and Pop for a few days. We weren't going to be able to be with them on Thanksgiving, so we wanted to get some quality time with them before the holiday. We had such a good time while we were there. Eli got to spend lots of time outside helping Pop in the yard and I was able to do lots of Christmas shopping. It's amazing how much you can get accomplished when you have so many stores to choose from, rather than the two we have in our little town. I even got to have a girls' night out with my mom and grandmother while we were there, and we went to see the newest Harry Potter movie. We all loved it!

Before we left to come back home, we made plans with Cheryl and Brody to go to story time at a local library. I was very excited about getting to do this. I knew Eli would love listening to the stories and singing songs.

We got there a little late so the teacher had already started the class. It wasn't very formal-how could it be when it's for kids?-so we were able to step right into the class without much attention being drawn to us. We found Brody and Cheryl and sat by them. We also got to see Jami and Olivia while we were there, too!

I don't know how the teacher did it, but somehow she was able to read, sing, do motions and tell stories all with kids running every which way around her. She's definitely got more patience than me! Eli loved that he didn't have to sit still and could get up and run around, and he wasn't the only kid that thought that way either!

Eli participated really well in the music session. I'm hoping that he's going to be musical like his Daddy one day. I would love for him to be able to play a musical instrument when he gets older.

After the reading and music session, we went out into the main part of the library and got to color at the little tables. Eli takes his coloring very seriously and loved this part. He made sure to color his turkey very colorful.

Brody sat at the same table Eli did and he worked on his picture, too. I am so glad these two boys can see each other when we come in town. I love watching them interact with each other :) I can't wait to see what good friends they're going to be one day! Thanks for inviting us to the library, Cheryl and Brody. We loved it!

Looking at the hermit crabs together.

Two proud mommies of two sweet little boys!

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