Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They're Starting to Like Each Other...

Late in the afternoon on Christmas Day, we drove over to Mamaw and Papaw's house so we could spend a little time with Grant...oh, and Jessie and Will, too! This was Grant's first Christmas and he must have been an extra sweet baby because Santa gave him LOTS of stuff. His mommy said that their house looked like Toys-R-Us!

Grant was chillin' on some blankets when we got there. I know you might not be able to tell in pictures, but this dude is huge. Jessie has gotten a major workout on her arms since having this sweet baby. He weighs about as much as Eli does and he's only 7 months! He's already into 12 month clothes and it's not just because of his weight either; he's tall, too! His Daddy has a future football player on his hands!

Grant and Addi both received a little monkey ball that rolls away when you touch it and makes noise. Eli had one when he was a baby and loved it then, and he must have remembered it because he wanted to play with Grant's all night. Grant was doing his best to get on his knees and get it, but it was always just out of his reach.

Look at that concentration!

Jessie's daddy, Uncle Tommy, was an avid motorcycle rider and it looks like Grant may take after him :) He and his mommy found the blue motorcycle and it was love at first sight for Grant :)

Eli didn't like the fact that he was being left out, so he hopped on board, too.

Eli didn't like riding in the back, so he moved to the front so he could drive. That seemed to work much better for him, and luckily Grant didn't care.

After their long motorcycle ride, Eli found Grant's new Praise Baby DVD and wanted to watch it. I put two pillows down there, one for Eli and one for Grant, and they both settled in to watch their favorite movie.

Isn't this just precious?

I can't wait to watch these two boys grow up together. I'm so glad they have each other!


Jessie Blackard! said...

Precious Precious Precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny said...

Adorable! Your Eli is gorgeous and so are Grant and Addi. :)

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