Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas with Grammy and Pop 2010

Christmas at Grammy and Pop's house this year was so much fun. Isn't my mom's house decorated so beautifully? I love her tree, the stockings, the fireplace, everything about it! I had to take a picture, so you guys could see the setting :)

My family loves Christmas movies, so those of you that like movies too might recognize "The Muppet's Christmas Carol" playing on the TV in the background.

Just like all little boys, Eli was drawn to the fire like a moth is drawn to a light. He's old enough now though to know not to touch it, so I don't worry quite as much. Plus, my dad was there to watch him. Eli helped Pop put more wood on the fire so we would all be nice and warm.

Most of you know by now that Josh isn't a big fan of pictures, but he always appeases me and takes them with me because he knows how much it means to me. Thanks, honey! Here's our awkward family photo for the year. I guess I didn't get the memo about doing the serious look...

Pop played the role of Santa and Eli was his little elf that helped pass out presents to everyone. He did a great job, too!

Grammy was really excited about getting her present from the cutest little elf ever!

Everyone had a place where they placed their presents. When Eli realized he didn't have one, Pop and Grammy found a little table that he could use for all his goodies because he had the most :)

Some presents were pretty big, but Eli insisted on carrying them by himself. "My do it!" was heard lots of times over the course of the night.

Pop did get to assist Eli on Grammy's present and on one of my presents though. I guess our little elf was getting tired by this point.

Finally, it was time for us to open presents. Eli chose who got to open a gift, and he was always willing to help that person if they needed some assistance. That's what elves are supposed to do, you know!

At one point, Eli took Grammy's camera and decided to play photographer as well. He won't get very many jobs in the future though if this is how he's going to take pictures (the camera is backwards, in case you didn't realize).

We loved all of our gifts!

Sonic gift card....do my parents know me or what?

A desk calendar of Eli for Pop to use at work

A membership to the zoo for our family :)
A great surprise gift!

Josh LOVED his jelly beans...

And Eli did, too, once he realized what they were.

Some presents required quite a bit of tugging...

Eli was quite impressed with his motion Cars book.

Grammy also loved her gift that Joshua and Andrea, Caleb, and Josh and I got her, a 10-piece set of Paula Deen cookware. I can't wait to see what she cooks for us next time we visit :) Hint, hint!

I LOVED my polka dot rain boots. They're going to be perfect for those rainy school days when I don't want to get any of my good shoes wet.

Uncle Caleb got Eli the Leap Frog Cook and Play Potsy and Eli immediately wanted to play with it, which is usually a good sign. You can see Eli in the picture below holding up one finger. He was telling Caleb he needed to get one more piece of food.

Eli also liked my new rain boots :)

Eli's last present was the best one of all, but it took all of us there to convince him to open it. I was almost tempted to save it until the next morning, but knew we would be pressed for time because of church, so I decided to "help" Eli a little bit. You can translate that into, I started to open his present, so he could see what was inside the box.

Once he caught a glimpse of who was inside, he didn't waste any time!

It was WOODY! Eli was SO happy to have another new friend from Toy Story.

He had to immediately take a picture of his new friend.

Eli went and found Buzz and I tried to get him to show us his surprised face, but this is what I got.

We tried it again, but then he decided to not look at the camera. Pop, on the other hand, did an EXCELLENT job! Way to go, Pop!

It was an extremely fun Christmas. The gifts were great, but being able to spend time with family was the best part of all. We love you, Grammy, Pop, Uncle Caleb and Grandma! Thanks for a wonderful Christmas!

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