Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw's House, 2010

Christmas Eve, Josh's side of the family gathered together at Mamaw's house to have Christmas together. We ate a late lunch so that everyone would be able to go back to their houses to get ready for Santa Claus the next day.

The weather was beautiful when we got there, so after taking our food and gifts in, Eli and I went outside to play. He, being the sweet, precious boy that he is, even indulged me and let me do a mini-photo session with him. He's getting to be such a little boy!

I love his big, blue eyes.

Can you tell we're working on the surprised face lately?

He's trying to show me his happy face.

A little better...

There's that precious face I love!

He melts my heart :)

We didn't stay out too long, because soon it was time to eat! Mamaw had done such a great job decorating her house for Christmas. I love all her little pretties that she puts out each year.

Look at THAT dessert table!

Our Christmas dinner waiting for us.

Notice who decided to go first ;) It's a fact that boys are definitely catered to at Mamaw's house.

Since I'm the only one in the family that is obsessed about documenting events (at least it seems that way to me), here are some pictures of the family.

Sara and Shane

Sara and Brian

Me and my hubby

We also discovered that little Miss Addi is quite the ham when she sees a camera. Can you heartbreaker???

Jeff, Brian, and Shane

After we all stuffed our bellies to the point of no return, we worked off all those calories by opening some presents.

Addi loved her butterfly.
We're hoping it encourages her to crawl!

Eli LOVED the new Buzz Lightyear Scooter that Aunt Lisa and Uncle Reggie got him

Papaw got George Bush's new book, Sarah Palin's new book, and a cool scrapbook full of genealogy of his family that Lisa researched for him.

Sue got a little carried away when she was passing presents out to Papaw and accidentally gave Papaw one of Peyton's. There were a few tears shed, but he eventually gave the robot stacking tower back.

I used my Gifts to Grow points from Pampers and made a 12-month Shutterfly calendar for Mamaw of all three great-grandbabies-Eli, Grant, and Addison. She loved it! (If you're a mom of a kid in diapers and don't use Gifts to Grow, you should! It really does pay to save those codes!)

Before our Cajun Christmas got underway, Eli and Daddy went outside so Eli could test drive his new scooter. While we were all out there, Mrs. Susan, A.K.A. Sarge, stopped by with her doggie, Hoss. Eli loves animals, you know, so he had to go say hello.

We don't know how, but Eli knew exactly what to do when he got on the scooter. Maybe he's just a natural :)

Eli also wanted Addi to ride. In a few short months, this little girl is going to be mobile and will be going wherever Eli goes no matter what he thinks. Jordan says she's the girl version of Eli. If that's the case, then Jordan and I will never rest....

Since there are so many people on Josh's side of the family, they started playing Cajun Christmas rather than giving everyone a gift. Basically, everyone draws a number and they pick a present from the pile and opens it. The next person goes and they can either steal from someone or pick a new present. If they decide to steal, the person that gets their gift stolen gets to pick a new present from the pile. Josh started off with a set of tool boxes, but Jeff stole those, so this is what he ended up with...

Everyone eventually got exactly what they wanted and it was a lot of fun, too! We visited for a long time and then everyone went their separate ways to prepare for Santa Claus and his reindeer later on that night.

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