Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Even Army Men Have to Bathe

This past weekend we went to see Grammy and Pop so we could have Christmas with them. Since it's winter and Eli's skin tends to dry out, he doesn't get a bath every night. By the time we got to Grammy and Pop's, Eli was in desperate need of a bath, so Saturday morning my little army man spent some time playing in the tub.

Funny story behind the army man helmet...my brother Joshua used to HATE getting water in his face when he took a shower. One day he decided to put a play army helmet on his head in the shower to see if it helped keep the water from getting in his face. I don't see how it helped, but it did, so from then on every time he needed to take a shower and didn't really want to get his hair/face wet, he used it. I, being the mature older sister that I am, thought this was funny/potential blackmail/an embarrassing story for years to come...so one day when he was in the shower, I tiptoed in, yelled his name, and when he peeked his head around the shower curtain, I took a picture of him :) I couldn't find it when I went to Mom and Dad's house this past weekend, but I know it's there. In fact, I think they might have used it for his senior picture page in the yearbook from high school :) Once I find it, I'll just have to post it, so you can all see.

It looks like Eli might have his own army helmet picture to go on his senior picture page in his yearbook one day, too.

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