Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve, 2010

We got home from Mamaw and Papaw's house, changed into our pj's, and got ready to make cookies for Santa! Eli was very excited about helping. I LOVE Christmas traditions like this, especially now that I get to pass them down to my son.

Eli wanted to help in every part of the cookie making process. "My do it!" was heard about a hundred times over the course of the night. Even though I am a control freak, I did give Eli creative control on decorating the cookies. He loved adding the colored sugar and sprinkles to the tops.

After the cookies were decorated, it was time to mix up some reindeer food. We wanted the reindeer to be able to find our house and for them to have happy, full bellies when they left.

We tiptoed outside and Daddy helped Eli sprinkle the reindeer food all over the yard.

We came back inside and Eli selected which cookies he wanted to leave for Santa Claus. He must have thought Santa would have a big appetite by the time he got to our house because he left him quite a selection of cookies!

Next, it was time to pour Santa a glass of cold milk.

I love this next picture. I was trying to get Eli to smile for a picture with me next to Santa's milk and cookies, but all he wanted to do was eat the sprinkles off the cookies. He's so fun!

We set the cookies and milk out for Santa and got ready for bed. We couldn't wait to see what wonderful things would be by the tree the next morning!

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