Friday, May 6, 2011

2 1/2 Years Old

The days sometimes seem long, but the years go by so quickly. It's hard to believe that my little boy is already 2 1/2 years old and that I'm only 6 months away from planning his 3rd birthday party. This entire school year has flown by so quickly for Eli and for me as well. We have been so pleased with the program at his school, and we are so impressed with all the things Eli learned this year. His language skills have exploded and his social skills have really blossomed. He is such a chatterbox now too! I love hearing stories about his days at school and daycare with his friends. I'm looking forward to spending this summer with him. We have big plans to do lots of fun things and I know its going to be lots of fun!

Weight: 28 lbs. You're still very much a featherweight :)
Height: 35 1/2 inches
Shoe Size: 7 in most shoes
Clothes: 2T in tops and bottoms, but we always try to find bottoms that have the adjustable waist band because you're such a skinny minny

Activities/Toys/Games You Love Right Now:
-playing outside
-Mr. Potato Head
-Toy Story characters
-helping Momma cook
-playing dinosaurs
-reading with your Tag Junior
-singing songs
-Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins cartoons

Funny Things You Do:
-You like to walk around the house wearing my oven mitts. It almost looks like you're prepping for major surgery.
-You use the tongs to catch "bad guys" and then you throw them in the trash can.

-You put on your cowboy hat and you instantly become Woody. You like riding your stick horse, Bullseye.

-You insist on wearing sunglasses in the car and you always want the window down.

-You like to sit on the washing machine during the spin cycle.

Sweet/Funny Things You Say:
-When you get an idea of something you want to do, you stop wherever you are, put your pointer finger in the air and shout, "Wait, I got an idea!"
-When you make a mess even just on accident, you immediately say "I sorry."
-When asked how much you love us, you spread your arms out wide and say, "Dis much and more!"

Things We're Looking Forward to:
-Uncle Caleb's graduation
-going to visit Dan, Nick, Jonah, and Micah
-zoo trips with the Atkins family
-finishing our new house :)

We love you sweet boy and we are so excited about all the wonderful things that God is going to do in you and through you! You make our hearts smile!

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