Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Mississippi River Flood Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, Josh was given the opportunity to fly over the Mississippi River and view the effects the flooding had on our community. If you don't know, we live along the Mississippi River and this year it rose higher than any other year in history. It definitely has been a scary month watching the river creep up inch by inch, but we are so thankful that everything seems to be okay at this point. May 19th, the river crested at 61.9 ft. The previous record was 58.04 that was set back in 1927 when the entire town flooded. 61.9 ft. is very high, but we're so glad it didn't crest at 65 ft. like the Corps of Engineers had predicted back in early May. Those extra feet scared me, I'm not going to lie!

Thankfully the worst case scenario never happened, but we were prepared just in case. Like most people we know, we packed up the things that couldn't be replaced-photos and important documents-and took them to higher ground. Schools closed two days early as a precautionary measure, vacations (mine in particular) were put on hold, appointments were canceled, and MANY, MANY prayers were prayed.

As of right now the river stands at 60.32 ft. It's going down slowly, but the best news is that it's going down! We are thankful for all the prayers that were uttered on our behalf and on the behalf of our town. Prayer definitely changes things!!!

The airplane Josh rode in

The view of our river front

Our amphitheater

The Mississippi River bridges and the convention center

Promise Hospital

Another view of the river front

Back of Promise Hospital

Back of the Convention Center and the Comfort Suites Hotel

Comfort Suites Hotel

If you'd like to see more photos, you can click here. Once again, thanks for all the prayers!

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