Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bass Pro Shop...Cheapest Field Trip in Town!

This past weekend we traveled to Grammy and Pop's house to watch my youngest brother, Caleb graduate from college. Woo Hoo! Graduation wasn't until Sunday afternoon, but we got there on Friday so that we could spend some time with my family. My grandparents from North Carolina even made the trip down south to see Caleb graduate.

Saturday morning Mom was looking in the sale papers and found one from Bass Pro Shops advertising the Puddle Jumpers floaties that I mentioned I wanted to get Eli in the previous blog post. Eli had never been to Bass Pro and I knew he'd love seeing the live alligators and fish, so we all loaded up for our cheap field trip :)

Of course, being the boy that he is, the first thing Eli spotted was a four wheeler. Oh dear! I think he's starting just a tad early in my opinion. I wasn't ready to worry about these until he got into middle school.

Luckily, the sunbathing alligators were a good distraction for him.

Then Pop showed him this cut-out and Eli thought it was just too funny that the alligator was eating his head, especially when Pop did it.

We went inside and Eli was in stuffed animal heaven. There were deer, moose, bobcats, ducks, and all other kinds of creatures all around him. He kept pointing to all of them. Then we pointed out the animal tracks that were imprinted on the ground and he LOVED that. He "tracked" all sorts of animals around that store. He kept shouting, "I find another one, Momma!" One set of tracks led him to the giant fish tank. We stayed here for a little while and watched the fish.

Then Pop and Grammy started dreaming and began looking at pontoon boats. We all wish they would get one. Eli would really enjoy it, Pop! (HINT HINT HINT!) Eli loved pretending to be the captain of the boat. He told us to sit down because he was taking us to the lake.

We had a few more errands in town and then we headed home. Caleb and Kailey, his girlfriend, were there and Eli had lots of fun playing with them the rest of the night. They played outside blowing bubbles. Then they went inside and colored in Eli's new CARS giant coloring book.

The highlight of the evening had to be Eli in his graduation cap complete with dreads. As you can tell he wasn't too sure about this! Caleb, on the other hand, didn't have any problem with it! It was a fun start to a great weekend. More fun was on its way!

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