Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pop's Little Helper

Before we left to go home, Pop had quite a long "To Do" list for Eli to complete. They started with the swing set that Pop accidentally broke a few months ago. For a few minutes, Eli was right there with Pop helping him with everything he needed.

Then Eli realized it was a lost cause and Pop should just buy a new swing set (HINT HINT!) and he went to work on his old baby swing.

Pop doesn't give up that easily though and he was determined to fix it. Eli was there for moral support, but that was about it.

Eli sensed that Pop needed an extra hand towards the end and stepped back in to help. They managed to do something to the see-saw, but it still wasn't fixed. Maybe when Eli comes back they'll have more success or better yet...maybe Grammy will have convinced Pop by then to just buy a new swing set :)

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