Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hanging out with Zue-Zue

Eli loves hanging out with his Zue-Zue! They always have lots of fun together. We went to see her yesterday and Eli immediately went to her car to drive. Zue-Zue has let Eli "drive" her car since he was little. He loves pretending he's taking us somewhere. Josh and I piled into the backseat and let our chauffeur drive us around. Of course when he drives he has to have his sunglasses on, in this case Zue-Zue's glasses. He also had to push every button, twist every knob, and roll down every window. He had a blast to say the least!

After driving Eli got a surprise from Zue-Zue. It was an alligator sleeping bag (just like the one he gave Grant last weekend for his birthday). Eli had a hard time parting with Grant's alligator so Zue-Zue gave him his very own! Thanks, Zue-Zue! As you can tell Eli LOVED it!

When we got home, he immediately put it to use. What better way to end the night than curled up in your alligator sleeping bag watching Curious George. I can't think of anything better :)

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