Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

Lots of progress has been made to our house. We are so excited about seeing our house actually take shape with walls and a roof. It's been so much fun watching the progress! Our builder continues to amaze us with his wonderful time management and efficiency. So many people have commented about how fast our house is coming together. We're amazed just like they are! Here's a rundown of what they've done since the last update:

About two weeks ago, they started framing the roof and putting up the rafters.

This is the covered patio on the back of the house.

This is the view from the upstairs.

Eli loves going to look at the new house we're building. We keep a death grip on him when he's up here with us, but he definitely doesn't have ANY fear.

Last week, I drove by after school this is what they had accomplished. The framing was complete, they built the dormers, and they started putting the plywood on the roof.

Here's a view from the upstairs with part of the roof on it.

This is the area between the garage and the house. Half of this will be a covered mudroom (the half in the distance) and the other half will be a courtyard area.

View from the back of the house and garage.

Our garage. The plans didn't call for any storage above the garage, but after noticing all the space we had up there, we worked it into the plans.

Front of the garage.

Side of the house where our bedroom is.

Another look at the walkway from the other side.

At the end of last week, this is where we were. They had finished laying the plywood on the roof , and they laid the black tarp thing down so the roofer can begin putting on the shingles Tuesday.

I'll have another update soon! We're facing a possible flooding issue right now with the Mississippi River, so work will halt after the shingles are on until we see what the river decides to do. Those of you that know the area where we live, please keep praying for God's protection for our town. The last couple of weeks have been very trying, but we are trusting God in this situation!

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