Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Addison!

May is a busy month for our family-Grant's Birthday, Mother's Day, Addison's Birthday, graduations, end of school, etc. This past weekend we celebrated our second May birthday, little Miss Addison's! Once again, I can't believe how fast a year has gone by. I really feel like it was just yesterday that I was photographing this precious little one entering the world. What a special day that was! Saturday we got to celebrate the wonderful first year this sweet little girl has had.

Jordan and her friend, KariAnna, and KariAnna's family did a fantastic job decorating. I'm a sucker for anything with owls, so I was very excited when I saw all the little hoot owls on all the decor. We had the party at KariAnna's mom's house. Lots of people came out to see this sweet little girl. She is definitely one loved baby!

Addison and Jackie, her grandmother

The gorgeous party scene

I loved the welcome table. Jordan had everyone write in Addison's journal that Jordan has been writing in since she was born and sign a picture frame for her. I know Addi is going to treasure both of these things when she gets older.

KariAnna and her mom made the hoot owl cupcakes. I loved these!

Addison looked so sweet and pretty in her birthday party dress, but you could tell that she definitely wanted in that pool! Her LeLe understood and didn't make her wait. She was the birthday girl after all!

Addison LOVED the water! She's going to be a little fish in the swimming pool this summer.

Her Mommy brought out her bathing suit and she ventured even further into the water.

She was just a little excited :)

She loved putting her face in the water. She kept doing it over and over and over!

Unfortunately, I had a sick little boy so Eli didn't get to come to Addi's party. I left early so I could get home to him and I missed her eating her birthday cake, but from what I hear she gobbled it up! I did see her open her gifts, but by that time my camera battery was dead. Poor planning on my part, I know. Thankfully her Mommy had about five people taking pictures, so the event was definitely documented! All in all, it was such a wonderful day celebrating this sweet little girl's life.

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