Monday, June 23, 2014

Beach Pictures 2014

After getting back to the condo from eating at Cobalt there was still just enough light to take family pictures on the beach. I always have this grand plan in my head of how wonderful and perfect our pictures are going to be and while I always end up with some good pictures, they're just not what I "see" in my head. Last year, it was way too sunny. This year the lighting was good for a little bit, but towards the end of the photo session it was too dark. Like I said though, I still ended up with some good pictures of our family and some I think I'll probably end up framing. Next year though I'll time it better and maybe it'll be a case of "the third time is the charm." So without further ado, here are the pictures from this year...

Mr. Joe Cool right here :)

I love this one even with the hair flip!



Look at those eyes...always planning something!

This next picture would have been "the one" but when I went to edit the pictures I happened to notice the strand of hair in my face. UGH! If you are my friend and you have photoshop, then I would be really happy if you could fix this for me :) I'll pay in food...anything you want!

This picture is the winner this year because of the other picture's aforementioned hair in the face...This one could be sharper, but there's no hair in my face, Eli's doing a normal smile, and Josh looks great. Actually, Josh looks great in every picture and he HATES taking pictures! Not fair! ;)

Since it was just the three of us, we had to use the self-timer feature on my camera. I got everything set up and then gave myself 10 seconds to get in position. The camera took about five pictures really quickly and after this set of pictures, Eli announced "I stuck my tongue out on those pictures, Mommy." I couldn't believe it! Sure enough when I checked them, there he was sticking his tongue out in almost every single picture. I had to include one of them in this post just so you could sympathize with the difficulties I faced in getting the perfect family beach photo. 

I like this one too :)

Once we had a family photo I could live with, I took some of Josh and Eli. Oh my boys. How they sometimes hate that I feel the constant need to document our lives. They put up with me though and I put up with them when I get faces like this. 

They realized that the sooner they did it correctly the sooner the photo session would be over, so they started to cooperate :)

Once I had all the pictures I wanted, Josh and Eli gave me some lagniappe :) Oh, these two boys are peas in a pod!

They may not be the most perfect pictures ever-they may be too bright, they may be blurry, my hair might be in my face-but these represent my little family and I really do love them (even if they're not exactly how I pictured them in my head) :)

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Penny said...

Your beach pics turned out well. I like the two you picked the best also. If I were going to blow one up, though, I'd pick the last one. Just because it's clearer. :) the one with Eli sticking his tongue out would be perfect~ if the tongue could be shopped out, but... Lol. It is cute for the fridge for the fun family pic. :)

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