Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Break 2014-Update #2

Daddy's summer took a turn for the worse one day when he got to work and found out his tire was as flat as a pancake. He called Eli and me to bring the air compressor to his work to see if he could air it up enough to drive it 1/4 mile down the road to the tire shop. It was a great idea but it immediately started leaking air as soon as Josh put it in there. That meant Plan B which was to put the spare on and then drive it to the tire place and have them put a new tire on. This was Eli's first tire change to assist on so he was a great helper to his Daddy.

When we got home from the tire shop later that afternoon, Eli had a package waiting for him by the front door from Uncle Josh, Aunt Andrea, and Tinsley. They sent him a Stretchkin toy and he immediately fell in love with it. It included a dance/exercise DVD so he and Stretchy the Dog put it in and started dancing and exercising. What a fun surprise!

We spent the rest of the afternoon making Daddy a strawberry cake. His birthday was the next day (June 7th) so we wanted him to have a yummy cake to celebrate. Strawberry cake just happens to be one of his favorites. 

The rest of the weekend was spent getting ready for VBS which was going to start June 9th. This would be Eli's first VBS to actually get to participate in the activities so he was very excited (me too!). He and Hannah were in the PreK group and they had a blast all week long. Eli loved the secret spy agent theme. This year I helped in crafts and really enjoyed it. In the past I've always been in charge of VBS so this year I got to help in a different area and had fun seeing all the different groups of kids as they rotated to me. 

Thursday afternoon during VBS week we went to the library to hear their special guest storyteller. Eli really enjoyed her stories and listened so well. This was his goofy face he was making during one of her funny stories. 

After the program was over Eli was able to go meet her and take a picture with her. 

We decided to go ahead and make it a special treat day since we were already out of the house and ran by our local bakery for a yummy cupcake before heading home. Eli chose chocolate :)

When we got home Eli wanted to pull a slip out of our Summer Bucket List jar and he picked "Color a Picture." While I made dinner that night, Eli colored in his Color Wonder Spiderman book. 

Friday afternoon was the last day of VBS and the program for the parents. Eli did great performing and singing all the songs he learned during the week of VBS. Afterwards there was a small reception for the kids, parents, and workers in the gym with some light finger foods. Eli loaded up his plate with all these sandwiches and my mouth literally dropped. Would you believe he ate every single bite (minus the crust because we're going through a phase right now where we hate crust even though I've begged him to not be one of those weird kids who has to have his food prepared a certain way). We helped take down all the decorations from VBS around the church and then we left and went home. We were exhausted! We were ready for a weekend of relaxation!

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