Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014-Day Five

Our last day at the beach was not the prettiest day ever, but there was some sun shining so we tried to make the best of it! Because of the storm the day before and the impending storm, the waves were so rough. There was not going to be any swimming happening for sure! Eli and Josh decided to try their hand at catching fish but that proved difficult as well because of all the seaweed that was washing up. 

Eli grabbed his boogie board because he really wanted to ride some of the waves but it just wasn't safe at all. Poor thing really only got one good day of boogie boarding this trip. Maybe next year will be better. 

The Hargons came down and joined us and Hannah and Eli started jumping the waves and playing together. They always have fun no matter where they are. 

Joshua and Marlie started to build a sand castle, but it ended up being a really big hole in the sand. 

About an hour after we got out there, the sun disappeared and the clouds started moving in. More rain  was on it's way :( The Hargons packed up their stuff and ran up to the condo, but we stayed as long as we could. Just hearing the ocean and being able to dig your feet in the sand is fun sometimes! 

Since it was the last day at the beach we had to get some pictures even if it was cloudy.

A nice lady on the beach offered to take a picture of the three of us. Excuse my crazy hair. The wind was making it go all over the place even with it being braided. 

She probably would have taken one of just me and Josh, but Eli really wanted to and I have to admit he's getting better and better with the camera. I might have a mini photog on my hands :) 

We left the beach before the storm started raging and when we got back up to the condo the Hargons told us that because of the bad weather they were going to go ahead and leave :( They really needed to get back home because they had to finish moving out of their house before the new owners started moving in! (They're going to our new neighbors and we are SO EXCITED!!!) We gave hugs and saw them on their way. We left for a quick lunch at Fisher's and it was so good. I'd never been there before on any of my trips to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores so I was happy to eat somewhere new.

At the beginning of our trip we had made plans with the Hargon's to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Cobalt, on our last night at the beach. Even though they left we decided to go ahead and keep our date. The food wasn't the best it's ever been but I still enjoyed the lovely atmosphere. It's always fun to come here. 

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