Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014-Day Two

The morning of our first beach day was beautiful! Josh and I woke up early and had our morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean. If I could just figure out a way to start every morning like that...sooo peaceful! 

Once everyone was up and had eaten breakfast, we loaded up all our stuff and headed down to the beach. Josh and I don't like making lots of trips back up to the condo when we go to beach so we packed our ice chest full of snacks, drinks, and even our lunch. We planned on parking our booties in the sand until sunset! 

The water wasn't as pretty as last year, but's the BEACH :)

Eli and Josh immediately headed to the water and started jumping the waves. Jumping the waves soon turned into Eli riding the boogie board. It's one of his favorite things to do at the beach.

Even Hannah gave it a try this year. 

Diane and Josh brought a kite for the kids to fly and Hannah really enjoyed watching it fly. 

So did Diane :)

After Eli and Hannah both had a chance to fly the kite, they started building their sand castle. 

These two just genuinely love each other. It's so sweet. 

Around noon the Hargons went up to the condo to eat lunch and the Wilsons sat in the shade under the umbrella to eat ours. We were having so much fun!

After lunch it was time to hit waves again. Eli was becoming a pro at riding waves in on his boogie board. 

Around 4:30-5:00 we called it a day. Josh and Eli both went to the loungers to "rest their eyes" and before I knew it they were both snoozing away. I've had lots of naps on the beach and they're definitely some of the best naps in the world. The breeze and the sound of the waves provide a perfect sleeping environment for you! We had such a great first day on the beach. We couldn't wait for tomorrow!

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