Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014-Day One

Friday, May 23rd, was my last day of school. (Cue the Hallelujah chorus!) It was a great year, but I'm always so very ready for summer vacation when the calendar turns to May. Thankfully with our school's spring break so late, we didn't have to wait very long! After a weekend full of cleaning the house, washing, drying, folding clothes, packing suitcases and much more, it was time for the BEACH! I couldn't wait until my feet were touching the surf and the sand.

We loaded up the truck and headed to Perdido Beach. Eli brought along Mo for the ride :)

We left early Monday morning so we wouldn't get caught in any traffic. By lunchtime we were driving through the tunnel in Mobile. Eli made sure to hold his breath while we were in the tunnel :)

We had a nice lunch at LuLu's restaurant and then headed to our condo. We unloaded all our suitcases and beach stuff. Then Eli immediately changed into his swimsuit. He couldn't wait to get to the beach. While we were unpacking, our friends the Hargons arrived. We'd invited them to come with us and Eli was so excited to finally see Hannah. Eli waited for the Hargon kids to change into their swimsuits and then Diane and I took the kids to the beach while the daddies went grocery shopping. 

The kids had a fabulous time playing in the water. I knew that they were going to have a blast the next day. After about an hour we all went back up to the condo to help put away the groceries. The Hargon family decided to go eat supper at The Hangout while the Wilson crew decided to eat something light at the condo and then go for a walk on the beach. The weather was perfect! 

We ended up staying down there long enough to watch the sunset and then went crabbing. It was lots of fun! Last year Eli was scared to death to even touch the crabs, but this year he was catching and picking them up like a champ. We soon had a bucket full of sand crabs! At the end of the night, we released all the sand crabs back to their homes and then went back to the condo and crashed. We were exhausted and knew that tomorrow was going to be a full day on the beach. We couldn't wait! 

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