Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014-The Track

Saturday morning we had to leave the beach :( Boo hop! I can't believe that our week at the beach was over. It wasn't the best weather for a week at the beach, but still it was the beach and it was lots of fun. We loaded up all our stuff and started the trek back home to Louisiana. On our way back we passed The Track and stopped there for a few so Eli could play a little bit. He'd been talking about riding go carts for days and we didn't want him to miss out. We actually ended up timing it perfectly because we got the "Early Bird" discount and basically got to do everything for half price. Woo hoo!

The first stop was the go carts that Eli could drive by himself. Last year, his foot barely touched the pedal so this year was much better. He was ready to race!

Unfortunately, he was the only kid on the track so his go cart ride turned into a Sunday afternoon drive. Eli even started steering with just one hand. Haha! He was definitely laid back and relaxed!

After his first go cart ride, he went inside to play a few arcade games. 

After the arcade, it was time for go carts again. This time he and I rode one of the bigger go carts together and raced Josh. I'm not one to brag or rub anything in anyone's face, but we won :)

He and Josh were going to ride the wooden track together but at the last moment Eli decided that he wanted to ride one by himself one more time. This time he got to race some other kids and that made it even more fun...especially when Mr. Competitive won :)

Once this ride was over, we loaded back up in the car and continued the journey home. It'd been a great week at the beach and we were sad to go, but we were also looking forward to being home. Like the old soul I am I was ready to check on my flower garden and our vegetable garden. Haha! Friends had told us that it had rained the entire time we were gone, so I knew everything was going to big and beautiful! I couldn't wait to see it :) 

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