Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Micah, Addi, and GraceAnn!

The first weekend in June we celebrated the birthdays of three special people in our family-Micah, Addison, and GraceAnn. Since they all have summer birthdays, Jordan and Jim decided to celebrate all of their birthdays at once instead of having three parties. Also, Jim works out of state so it made it easier on him since he only had to plan for one birthday party instead of three. Addi had a petting zoo for her birthday last year and loved it so much she requested it again. Micah, Jim's oldest son, was turning 10 so he was cool with having animals at his birthday too. 

Jim and Jordan are a pet loving family and had all kinds of critters running around their house. Eli found some baby kittens and was smitten. He's a cat person but unfortunately for him (and fortunately for me) Josh is very allergic to cats so he won't be getting one anytime soon.  I told him to love on the kittens as much as he wanted to though while we were at the birthday party. 

Reggie holding GraceAnn

Grant came to the party and brought his new puppy, Erik.

Harley Clare paid attention to all the fun since she'll be having her first party in August :)

Grant found the kittens and loved them just as much as Eli.

Sweet little Finley

Jessie and I had only texted each other throughout the day of the party and we certainly did not plan what we were going to wear. I guess we think too much alike because we showed up wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. I walked up to her and said, "Hey, Twink!" Of course, we had to document our twinky-dink outfits :) 

Jordan and her sweet four year old :)

Jordan had lots of fun games planned for the kids at the party. First up was a sack race. 

Some of the other games were bobbing for apples, egg toss, and a corn shucking contest. 

After the fun and games, it was time for food and cake. Yummy!

Addi and Micah blowing out their respective "4" and "10" candles. 

Since GraceAnn was turning one, she got her own special cake. This was her first time to eat cake and she just wasn't too sure about it. 

She offered Mamaw some.

Then she decided to share with her Daddy :)

It was a fun party celebrating three special kids. I'm so glad we get to be here to watch these babies grow up :)

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