Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wrapping Up Eli's 1st Season of T-Ball

Eli's first year of t-ball was a great learning year for him. He made a lot of progress with his catching, fielding, and hitting. Every year his physical abilities progress just a little bit more and he's slowly becoming a great ball player. Some of this year's highlights: 1.) He and one of his teammates, Walker, were able to make some great outs at first. 2.) He was able to slide into home and avoid being tagged out. 3.) They won every single game but one. It was a great year and I know next year it will be even more fun!

Coach Chris loved to have fun with Eli :)

Eli loved it when family and friends came to watch his games. Mammy, Uncle Clare, MaMaw, Uncle Reggie, and Zue-Zue were all able to come watch a few of his games. 

The week after we got back from the beach the t-ball season officially ended and all the teams gathered together for the closing ceremonies where each boy would receive their t-ball trophy. They went team by team and announced each player's name and then that little boy ran to his coach to get his trophy. I was waiting to take pictures of Eli when I looked up and saw him clapping. My sweet little boy was one of the few kids clapping for all the other kids when they received their trophy. It was a proud mom moment for me :) 

Finally, it was Eli's turn. He waited until they called his name and then he ran to Coach Adam. He had been looking forward to his trophy all season long! 

Zue-Zue came to watch Eli get his trophy :)

After sending pictures of Eli with his t-ball trophy to all our family and friends we went home and found a spot in his room for his new trophy to go. I'm proud of all the hard work Eli did to earn his trophy and I hope he continues to work just as hard each and every year! 

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